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Harness the Power of NBA Data 

Put an end to never-ending scrolling and discover the players who hold daily value.

NBA Projections

Player Projections & Data

AI-powered player prop projections

Trends & matchup insights ranked for ease

Easily sort the dashboard to find any player 

Know Which Lines Have Value

Projections come with an Edge%

Know which alternate lines have the highest probability 

Use each singular projection for your own custom needs

NBA Alternate Lines
Team Stats Allowed by Position

Find The Best Matchups with Data

Learn what players have the best and worst matchups & key insights 

See what teams allow to a player specific position only

No matter the need, we have the data to give you the added edge

AI-Generated Plays

See what the AI thinks are the best plays

See probabilities of each leg backed by math


Our projections & data make it easier than ever to research in little to no time

NBA Parlay
NBA Trends

Easy to Use Data Dashboards

Sort by player name, projection or % chance to hit

Search by a player, team or projection number

Quickly see which players have value for today

Fantasy Data in an Instant

Rankings based off AI projections and matchup

The best projections sorted for you

NBA Fantasy
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