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Is it Easy to Use the Tools?

Yes! Everything is not only color coded to showcase importance, but everything is sortable! We also have tons of manuals for newcomers!

What Makes your Projections Different?

Not only are we the only company that is transparent with projection accuracy, but we make it easy to use them to actually find value!

How much Math/Stats do I Need to Know?

None! Our Dashboards and Bot will tell you exactly what prop has value! Although the Algorithm was built by coders and mathletes, our software is super simple!

Where are all the Data Tools Posted?

We currently run everything through a Discord server where we have our Bot and links to different dashboards, each with a special purpose!

Do you Post Plays/Picks?

We have a community section where we have a few experienced product users showcase what they are going with that night! 

What Else Should we Know?

We are a research center first. Nothing should be blindly tailed. All sales are final. 

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