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Unlock the Home of Research

With the help of AI-Powered Projections & Data

Running Back Lines
Fantasy RB Rankings

Hundreds of Player Projections

Thousands of Player Trends

Insights & Plays Powered by Bots

AI that Analyzes Hundred of Thousands of Data Points

What We Offer

Cutting Edge Tech

With the help of Machine Learning and advanced tech, our software gives you crucial data and will even tell you which data matters.

Game Log Analyzer

Use our AI Bot to analyze game logs. On top of the logs, our AI will tell you trends and averages based on a specific timeframe (last 5, 10 games).

Fantasy Sports Data

Just want some Fantasy Data? We got you. Our AI will give weekly fantasy rankings and showcase the best matchups and worst. 

Information with Zero Opinions Involved

The best part of everything we offer is that it is all created and controlled by an AI Machine, which is smarter and faster than the human brain.

WR Projections NFL
Player Projections

How We Compare

In addition to our revolutionary technology, we are supremely confident in the unparalleled value our software brings.


Witness how we effortlessly transform dense, powerful information into easily digestible and readable content:

NBA Projections and Data
xEP Network Features




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